Mindfulness Poetic Thoughts-

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Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Bringing Peace, Natures Lesson

Calmness of the water

Stillness of the breeze

In the sand, made of stone,

Lays a cross

Walking along the creek

Changes are seen and heard

Water flows over rocks, leaves and fallen brush

Meandering this way and that

Moving along the path

Logs and sticks across the flow

Change the journey

Further down the water meets

Becoming one

Breaking apart, taking its own path

It’s calmer, somewhat alone

Flow creek flow

A feeling of letting go

Energy gliding over stones

Further along it goes

Rocks become bigger

Water flowing stronger

Rumbling over huge rocks

Life’s huge rocks

Building up strength

Rolling and trickling along

Creeks have calmness

Creeks have energy

At different paces

Washing away negative energy

A huge log

Sitting,  on top of the creek

Different stones and rocks

Of different shapes and colors

Energy of the creek is all around

Trickling and roaring along down its path

Where it leads is unknown

Life is Being present

Rumbling, dribbling and trinkling along

Green leaves pop up along the path

Creeks have strength and stamina, washing away

What’s not to be concerned

Loving kindness heals a

Heart that is wounded

Concerns flow away by the creek

With the strength of the creek

The rocks and stones on its path

Give Creek strength to move on

At the end of the day

Concerns flow down the path

Walking back along the path

A sense of peace resonates within

Calmness of the water

Stillness of the breeze

In the sand, made of stone

Lays a cross

Fall 2001-Blessing to You

Letting Go of Anger Through Compassion | Practice | GGIA

Cultivating Compassion

Being present with what is, excepting, not judging

Bridge between mindfulness and social change

For others and self

Do something, stand up for injustice

Tender compassion, bravery, courage

Motivation of compassionate action

Reason to take action

Accept what is, work for change

Unconditional self-acceptance

Accepting you as you are today

What can I learn from failure?

Can’t always control outcome

Try again, what can I learn?

Strength, bravery and courage

Try again, what can I learn?

Fierce and tender compassion

Spring 2020-Mindfully Being Present

Embracing Our Common Humanity with Self-Compassion

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