Cultivating Compassion

1 Compassionate Journey Begins


Thank you for joining me!

Here in this space is a riveting exploration, memoir, research, and synergy with a myriad of topical structures and forms within our 21st Century humankind and our planet Earth.

For me, being alive each day is a new beginning of exploration through analyzing, learning, communicating, growing, creating and bridging a better understanding of self and others. I am always becoming and learning, with a passion for fusing mindfulness, compassion for myself and others. I struggle with this at times, life is sometimes filled with suffering and challenges, along with joy and laughter.

Viewing the World through Life’s Classroom . I have stagnant roles within changing forms of my being. A life long learner as a student of life’s numerous roles; a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, neighbor, mother, grandmother, wife, public educator, and a homo puppy. Forms of myself evolve as the days, weeks and months of a year evolve. Before I realize it another decade of my life is commencing. I stepped into my sixth decade, 60 years of life (Cusp Boomer), at the end of 2020. Imagine how many different forms of myself there have been. I’ll be rolling into the deep with a compassionate heart and soul in relation to self, others and our planet . For me, life is full of questions, with a desire to constantly learn, continuously grow, knowing we are all interconnected as humankind and nature.

The-fruit-of-silence-is-prayer-Mother-Teresa - Covenant House New Orleans

Mindfully Being Present-Seeking and Sleuthing: What have we learned and still learning about the world we live in? How do we navigate the 21st Century, within our families, local communities and the world? What skills and strategies do we entrust, to celebrate the joy and relieve suffering? What is culture and multiculturalism? Are we able to actively listen, even to those with opposing opinions? Are we navigating the world with a growth mindset or are we stagnate? Who and what have we individually and collectively, connected or disconnected with upon this journey? What is compassion? What is the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem? How do does one balance between compassion for self and others? Indeed, these are vastly open ended questions. A quote comes to mind.

I have no special talents. I am only passionate curious.

Albert Einstein

Musical Influence-age 17, one of my favorite guitar artists! This always encourages me to smile during Rays of Sunshine with Blue Skys, even on gloomy stormy days.

My blog will reflect upon the past, present and near future, infusing living mindfully and compassionately in the direction of self, others and our planet we all call home. My vision for writing here is to expel and express old and new perspectives from a broad set of topics, shaping the woman I am always becoming. I’ll compose and embed some prose, poetry, nonfiction and music. Analogous to discoveries along the multiple roads progressed, education from life’s classroom, avenues, curiosity, and determination. Linking experiences with formal education, teaching practice and experience working with children and adults. I have been in a physical school or university most of my life until COVID- 19 took over the world as we know it. Life as we’ve known has changed. We are emerging ever so gently into a paradigm shift. Perhaps, a more hopeful history of humankind.

Mindfully Being Present topics of research interest; I invite you to follow Mindfully Being Present to connect globally, to motivate, inspire and cultivate compassion for ourselves, our families, our communities, our planet. Engaging with an open heart, mind and loving kindness. This is a challenging request I work with daily. As there is a realization to resolve, and recognize other powerful emotions such as; anger, shame and guilt. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! A steady curiosity reigns!

I am growing everyday, just like this website. Let’s meet each other, right here, where we are today. Realizing and understanding our interconnectedness is key to more inclusive productive caring communities, connecting to the greater good of our planet. We’re not in this world alone. Therefore, collectively engaging and sharing in the work of the revolutionary changes in the midst of our 21st Century. Most of all, I desire to be a conduit for healthy growth and change within our individual and collective journeys as human beings living on our planet Earth.

In closing, salient things I’ve learned, impermanence and change are a constant in life, living in present moments equals current reality, observing thoughts, emotions and what is, through the breathe of life. My hope is continuing to embrace a growth mindset, being the current best versions of a homo puppy (human being) and engaging others with a similar quest.

Let’s Be Kind & Keep Smiling!

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  1. Hi!

    Nice to meet you!
    It is very exciting and interesting to be here.
    I should admit that I feel a little bit lost.
    Your diapason is so wide.
    what is that the most valuable just for me?
    See forward to become more familiar with your blog.

    Kind regards


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